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Mikmoi - Mik Coyle

Photography Aubrie Pick(Photography - Aubrie Pick)

Michael 'Mik' Coyle, perfumer and creative director has called three continents home; Europe...from the global crossroads of London to the majestic French Alps; Asia...from the sanuk of Bangkok to the awe inspiring retail of Hong Kong he has lived and loved with some of the most inspiring and tantalizing backdrops on the planet. His humble beginnings as a country mouse in upstate New York exposed him to the richness of nature. Roaming his days in the woods and fields of the family home, to the microcosm of his mother's plant-room he learned firsthand the balance, care and feeding requirements of the natural world. A global career in diversity and inclusion brought him further afield and steeped him in customs, subcultures and languages. Self-discovery, curiosity and championing individual expression are themes in his unique combinations. His work challenges stereotypes, orientations and perspectives. Mik has studied natural perfumery with Mandy Aftel and the art of Aromascapes with Yosh Han; he is self taught in the use of aroma molecules.

MIKMOI challenges stereotypes and bias in an unconventional use of uncommon aromatic ingredients sourced from near and far. Championing subcultures, bold curiosity and self-discovery are themes in the hand crafted collection from Japantown, San Francisco, California.