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House of Cherry Bomb - Alexis Karl & Maria McElroy

House of Cherry Bomb is an artisanal perfume house located in Brooklyn created by perfumers Alexis Karl of Scent by Alexis, and Maria McElroy of Aroma M. House of Cherry Bomb embraces a modern meets classic feel in our line - We like a a sensual veil of scent trailing along a city sidewalk, we like clubs banging with noise, art galleries and and elegant cafes. Our line is a love letter to our urban lives in NYC, and the art, architecture, people and cultures that surround us.

House of Cherry Bomb specialize in limited, hand created fragrances using rare and vintage oils from all over the world. We hand-blend and pour each bottle, and create unique, unusual and lovely perfumes inspired by music, literature, and our various travels. To us, perfuming is storytelling. We are collaborative in nature, and working together let's us better tell our olfactory tales and share them with the world.