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Aroma M - Maria McElroy

American born artist Maria McElroy synthesized her love of blending colors and textures with her passion for scent. After receiving an MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in '86, Maria continued her studies in Australia and became a Certified Aromatherapist with Queensland Institute of Natural Science.

"Blending fragrances in a bottle is like mixing colors on a palate," says Maria. "The scent becomes pigment, the body becomes the canvas. The nose responds to scent like the eye to color."

Seven years in Japan, studying Kodo, the ancient art of fragrance, Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement Koto, Japanese harp, Shiatsu massage and Zen Buddhism solidified Maria's appreciation for Japanese culture and aesthetics. Romance also flourished back in New York where Maria met her Japanese born chef husband. Maria's seven-year journey, rich in Japanese history, romance and mystery, became the genesis of Aroma M and the inspiration for the signature Geisha fragrance line. Aroma M is based in New York but is now known worldwide.