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Lesli Wood - La Curie

LA CURIE is an award-winning niche fragrance house dedicated to breaking the rules of traditional perfume. Drawing inspiration from culture, myth, and place, the unisex scents are a mix of nostalgia and modernism with a touch of rebellion. Handmade in small batches in the Sonoran desert.

La Curie was created in 2013 by self taught perfumer Lesli Wood after more than a year of experimenting with ingredients and formulas. She creates one fragrance per year and uses each scent as a way to explore new raw ingredients, experiment and research inspirations. She approaches the olfactive inspirations through time periods, geographical locations, or myths and history. For Odyssey, she created imaginary space botanicals (like astroid sap and candied comet dust) combined with the interior of the 2001 space module as a way to venture into the cosmos while still capturing a human element. Her unwavering commitment to details and surprising combinations have earned her a cult following and an artisan award from the Institute for Art & Olfaction. Lesli occasionally steps away from the perfume studio to create music, videos and other artistic endeavors.

Sacred scents for modern humans’ - join the cult.