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Oswald Paré - Motif Olfactif

This brand is a natural progression in my fragrance journey.  A journey that started with smelling fragrances at the mall, to exploring niche and indie houses…fragrances made around the world! I found the fragrance community on YouTube and began reviewing fragrances that I found compelling.  My taste tends to lean towards creative and enjoyable scents and I love unique and complex blends.

I wanted to know more about the magic behind fragrances and my curiosity and passion eventually led me to create my own fragrances. My work is inspired by memories, locations, family, experiences and sometimes just sparked interest from a new material I am familiarizing myself with. 

My goal is to create wearable fragrances but also make sure each fragrance has a unique and creative blend that can be distinguished from current fragrances on the market. I am looking forward to sharing my passion and I hope you are excited to embark on this journey with me!