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Voile D'encens

Oswald Paré - Motif Olfactif

Oswald: Burst of colors begin to dance and swirl. A kaleidoscope effect rich in pattern. Until a veil of smoke and spice subtly creeps in attempting to darken the dancing colors. The colors carve out space amid the darkness allowing vibrant beams of light to splinter all around.

Dave: Resinous frankincense and tonka-sweetened, smooth woods perfectly balanced and brightened by tart rhubarb and musky pear. Completely unique among current incense-centric designs. If you have any interest in the category Voile D’encens is a must try.

Voile D'encens Notes: Frankincense, elemi, rhubarb, pear, rose, oakwood, cedarwood, vetiver, olibanum, tonka.

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