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Cognoscenti - Dannielle Sergent

COGNOSCENTI – for those who know

As a painter, architect and designer, Dannielle Sergent is an artistic creator by trade. Her passion for fragrance, and the desire to blend old-world craftsmanship with a modern-day sensibility, provided the inspiration for her creative foray into the world of scent. 

Unlike some who set out to capture the essence of a particular memory or place, Sergent lets intuition guide her creative process. Much like her approach to a blank canvas, she paints intuitively...with scent, following the colors of each element along multiple paths. She stops just at the “moment of completion.” Otherwise, she claims “the scent artist, like any artist, risks over-working the final blend”. 

Sergent’s decision to create a unisex fragrance line stems from the historical origins of perfume, as well as the fact that she herself has always worn both men’s and women’s fragrances. Avoiding sweet and overly floral blends, the result is collection of globally recognized and award-winning fragrances that are woody, herbal, aromatic and elegant.

I have been told that I use a somewhat abstract system for naming the fragrances. This is intentional. I am not taking you to a particular place or conjuring a specific character. These perfumes are fragrant abstract art. They are designed for you to bring your own associations and memories to the olfactory experience. Scents evoke so many different memories that I want to leave each one open to your personal interpretation. How do you smell? Do you experience scent in color? Do scents sing to you? What do my scents “say” to you?

For Those Who Know: The number represents the order in which I created them not the sequence in which they are released. The two-word descriptor is to help you understand the contents and give you a foundation for evaluation. I start with two ingredients that I want to build upon. I find their tensions and their harmonies and either push them together or pull them apart. They may be friends or foes, but in the end they dance together.