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Chavalia Mwamba - Pink MahogHany

Chavalia Mwamba was born a creative individual with a grand imagination, a love for the outdoors and a particular sense of smell. Reared around berry bushes, pine trees and a pond, Chavalia was always surrounded by nature’s perfume. In 2005 Chavalia was working and living in Dallas, Texas as a music educator when she unexpectedly developed sensitivities to some ingredients in mass produced scents and products. Frustrated, her interest in ingredient analysis was put to use. Chavalia found herself researching and reading about everything related to scent. Chavalia began trial blending top and base notes, without phthalates. From there, she began creating full perfumes. This rekindled passion motivated Chavalia to want to speak with others about what she had been researching, and she met with the need her brand was to fulfill - creating a collection with the artistic, yet conscious consumer in mind.

Driven by her desire to help those with similar sensitivities and to delight other scent connoisseurs, Chavalia left her position as a music educator and began working full time on Pink Mahoghany Fragrances in 2014. Four years later, in 2018, Chavalia suffered a tragedy which led to an expansion in her brand. Chavalia gave birth to her third son, Kenji Zachariah Mwamba, who passed away shortly after his birth. Chavalia broadened the collection to include products for mental clarity and calm. “My brand has become much larger than myself and the people and businesses that I serve - it’s now also about my own healing from grief.” I hope my creations whisper all the way to the Spiritual Realm to my baby boy, Kenji Zachariah Mwamba.

With little formal training (other than strict research and distance online learning courses from Perfumer's World (Bangkok, Thailand), this self-taught perfumer is well on her way to being recognized as Texas' first, African-American female, niche perfumer.