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L'Aventura Perfumes - Jessica Mara

I make perfumes the way I live my life - with a strange mix of fastidiousness and abandon, a level of immersion that looks a lot like obsessiveness, and a deep commitment to authenticity, process, and the pursuit of beauty.

My scents are autobiographical - sort of like snapshots of my life, a kind of artist’s journal or compendium of the paths I’ve explored, people I’ve known, certain things that I have experienced and observed in the lives of others. That said, I think the inspirations behind my perfumes are less important than your lived experience wearing them. The fragrant atmospheres I create are designed to leave space for you to complete - places to explore, inhabit and make your own.

Much like the art we love, the films that we resonate with, the music that moves us, perfume only truly exists through our engagement with it. As self-expression and self-transcendence, wearing perfume is an experience that is both ephemeral and visceral. It can reflect the lives we live and whisper about the lives we fantasize about living, take us to places we have forgotten, and places we can return to again and again.