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The Faraway

Eau de Parfum
Jessica Mara - L’Aventura Perfumes

Jessica: Inspired by adventures in a wild untouched place in northern New Mexico near the banks of the Rio Chama. Even in the dead of winter this place has an indescribable, almost otherworldly beauty, but at midsummer the sage, along with the rest of nature, springs to a kind of hyper-life and the air is perfumed with the unforgettable scent of the high desert.

Dave: Sage, bitter juniper and sun-baked, sweet pine set amongst stone, dry cedar and sweet grass. Airy, herbal, and resinous - The Faraway transports the wearer to the earth and sky of the high desert.

The Faraway Notes: Desert sage, juniper, salt cedar, sedge grass, warm sandstone.

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