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St. Clair Scents - Diane St. Clair

The mission of St. Clair Scents is to design and hand make beautiful fragrances that encourage people to find a new appreciation for the sense of smell and how it can enhance our sensual enjoyment of life.

I first gained notoriety as a crafter of artisanal dairy products, supplying some of the best fine dining restaurants in the United States. I am based on my small dairy farm in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Vermont.

While I am largely a self taught perfumer, I studied for several years with a perfumer who trained in France. My daily work in nature and with animals and the environment creates much of the inspiration for my fragrances. My love of vintage fragrances and an appreciation for the time that great perfumers of the past were given to craft them, informs much of my work going forward. My scent formulas include a high percentage of natural materials and are rich in color, texture and aroma. I hope that my fragrances provoke olfactory pleasure and visceral remembrances for those who wear them.