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Edge Effects

Edge Effects
Diane St. Clair - St. Clair Scents

Diane: Edge Effects in ecology are changes in population species that occur when two or more habitat areas border each other. At the edge of these overlapping ecosystems, species from both habitats are found traveling and interacting. Over time, diverse species that live in neither of the original habitats are discovered to have adapted to the boundary edge and created new species growth.

Edge effects, the perfume, is a metaphor for the concept in nature, mashing two different perfume categories—fougere and chypre—toward each other to create an area of biodiversity (fruits, flowers and spices) in between.

Dave: Juicy red mandarin, herbal geranium and airy conifer bridged by labdanum and softly sweet, bitter oakmoss to a base of musky stone fruit and rich, warm florals. A great concept smartly and beautifully executed.

Edge Effects Notes: Red mandarin, petitgrain bigarade, coriander, tarragon, basil, lavender maillette, geranium abs, Indian sandalwood, vanilla, aldehydes, bergamot, labdanum abs, oakmoss, hyraceum, fir balsam abs, patchouli, musks, peach natural, champaca red abs, jasmine abs, ylang ylang, tomato leaf, damascone.

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