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Irina Adam - Phoenix Botanicals

Irina Adam is an artist and perfumer at Phoenix Botanicals, based in Brooklyn. She connects people with nature, story, and their senses thru her perfume compositions. These are created to be precious talismans and adornments, evocations of nature’s wonder.

Irina works with natural ingredients only, finding plant based aromatics to be the most beautiful, sensual, complex and transformative. She finds her inspiration in cross-sensory experience, connection with land, plants and animals, storytelling, and just plain flower crushes! Irina started out self taught and has studied with the brilliant perfumer Mandy Aftel. She loves preparing her own flower tinctures and extractions Before creating perfumes, Irina apprenticed for 9 years with local herbalists, while working in ethnobotany research, studying indigenous uses of plants. Irina has been nominated for the Art & Olfaction Awards for the perfumes Vanilla & The Sea, and Peach Tree Garden. Phoenix perfumes have been featured in Colette Paris, Vogue France, The Dieline, Nylon, Refinery29.

Irina grew up in Romania, and Indiana, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University. When not immersed in 100 tiny smelly bottles, Irina can be found wandering the wilds of NY state, or dancing wildly by the fog machine.