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OSM Perfume - Kyle Mott-Kannenberg


Sometimes you’ve got to take the long way around. That’s what Kyle Mott-Kannenberg did when becoming a perfumer. After receiving a degree in Chemistry from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he spent many years behind the camera as an art director for film and television. It wasn’t until just before the birth of his son that he circled to chemistry and began studying perfuming. 

As a hobbyist chandelier, Kyle was dissatisfied with the fragrances that were available for candle making. Given his history in chemistry, he knew there was another way to go about it. Soon, the world of perfumery opened up to him and his thirst for knowledge led him through both formal coursework and self study. 

In 2018, he released the first fragrances in his experimental line of perfumes, OSM (short for Olfactory Sense Memory.) Each fragrance is designed to be a visceral olfactive collage sourced from personal memories, both his own and those of his creative partner and husband, Michael. The first 4 fragrances debuted at Art + Olfaction’s 2018 Scent Fair in Los Angeles and the line continues to find an audience with the reformed hedonists for whom this line was created. 

In 2020, Kyle began developing fragrances for other brands under and has most recently helped release the Barbadian fragrance line Blackcliff. In addition to fine fragrance, Blend by OSM also creates candles, soaps, lotions, room sprays and incense to help emerging and established brands expand their fragrant portfolios.