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  • “Americans, with their can-do spirit and curiosity, are becoming accomplished perfumers at an unprecedented pace. It’s an exciting time to be an American perfumer, and now we have a store to call our own."

    Ineke Ruhland - Ineke Perfumes

  • "No one else has taken the complete vision for the American artisan perfumery movement, put a focus on it, and distilled it down into one place to experience the breadth and depth found among these amazing artisans. American Perfumer is a concept whose time has finally come ... and been realized."

    Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - DSH Perfumes

  • “American Perfumer is a long overdue fragrance destination showcasing the talents of American perfumers. With a cultural history of being independent and innovative, American artists dare to break free from the traditional framework of European designs."

    Yosh Han - Y O S H

  • "The range of work being done today by American perfumers covers many areas of expertise, working style and genre. To have a vast collection of these artistic expressions available in one place is no small feat."

    Liz Zorn - SOIVOHLE

  • “I love that independent American perfumery is at a place where we are producing some of the finest and most interesting fragrances in the world. It's exciting to see all these wonderful brands placed in a context and represented in one place."

    Hans Hendley - Hendley Perfumes

  • “American Perfumer offers a unique vision of the artisanal perfume world, as it will be devoted to the 'art in perfume', and individual perfume houses creating scent in America today. In this way, the perfumers become as painters, showcasing their works as if the store was a gallery."

    Alexis Karl - Scent by Alexis & House of Cherry Bomb

  • “[American Perfumer] has assembled a one-stop-shop where you can experience the innovation and artistry of some of the best, contemporary, American Perfumers."

    Amber Jobin - Aether Arts

  • “Although there has been a rising interest in this fragrant world of late, there is nowhere else that I can think of that completely focus on the American niche olfactive artist.”

    Sarah Horowitz - Sarah Horowitz Parfums