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Jil CROQUET Parfum - Jil Croquet

"Jil was born and raised in Versailles, next to Paris, France and came to America in 2018. From her dad’s garden filled with roses, lilac and geraniums, to the corridors of the Versailles palace where secret passages, amazing tapestry and luxurious rooms still smell precious powders and ancient colognes, she has always been surrounded and loved scents. Jil created Jil CROQUET Parfum, with a focus on traveling through her scents to satisfy her fascination for exotic regions, new things, surprising discoveries, ancient artifacts, lost traditions or local art.

“Because of my experience and personality, it was very natural for me to create a line around the concept of traveling to different places/countries. I just love it so much that I wanted to provide the same feeling and happiness to others, just by the sense of smell.”
- Jil Croquet, Jil CROQUET Parfum.

With Jil CROQUET Parfum, each perfume puts a spotlight on one or two ingredients, local to a place or an era as a cornerstone of the perfume and builds a story around it, forging lasting memories and genuine emotions. Handcrafted perfumes and colognes made in small batches with an acute attention to detail regarding sourcing, raw material quality and sustainability in all aspects of her art are what make Jil most proud.

In 2022 Jil's Great Wall Valley was a Finalist for the Art and Olfaction Award in the Artisan category. The green, sparkling freshness and unique aspect of the unisex blend transport the wearer directly in a plentiful, bucolic landscape where time stands still.