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Geisha Vanilla Hinoki

Perfume Oil
Maria McElroy - Aroma M

Maria: Introducing deep, dark. intoxicating Geisha Vanilla Hinoki, a nighttime—or should we say bedtime--potion that takes an utterly new approach to the world’s most popular gourmand aroma, rumored to have aphrodisiac effects. Vanilla scents tend to have a cloying, candied effect. But not Vanilla Hinoki. Its key ingredient is a woodsy, smoky vanilla found only in Morocco—and very hard to come by. Five years in the making, it’s been blended with unexpected partner notes. Foremost among them is hinoki, a storied cypress. For centuries, this prized Japanese wood was used to build palaces, temples, shrines, noh theaters--and those hot spring pools known as onsen, found in mountainside inns. Maria’s intention with this scent was to capture the cloudy, floating, sybaritic sensation of lingering in one of these scented hot springs. Subtly sultry, as the Japanese prefer their scents.

Dave: Gently spiced, smoky vanilla deftly counterbalanced with fresh and green hinoki cypress. Soothing and sophisticated.

Geisha Vanilla Hinoki Notes: Bergamot, hinoki, lavender, leather, patchouli, amyris, cedarwood.

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