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From time to time, AMERICAN PERFUMER® will work with our Perfumers to bring you limited editions conceptual, of place, or built around particular materials.

Our first edition, "Colorado," was created by American perfume pioneer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes. Vividly of place, and like nothing you've ever smelled, Dawn somehow captured the forest edge at high altitude. "Colorado" won the 2019 Art and Olfaction Award in the Independent category. It is now an annual holiday season release.

We followed this with "Desert Flower," created by our good friend Maria McElroy of aroma M & House of Cherry Bomb, was our second release of 2018. At parfum strength in an edition of 25, "Desert Flower" is not only as vast and soaring as the landscape it evokes, but also intimately complex and deeply satisfying. A value statement for the contemporary chypre, due to material limitations, "Desert Flower" is no more.

"Bloodline." from the talented Hans Hendley of Hendley Perfumes was our only release of 2019. A beautiful ode to the land of Hans' childhood, with perfume material sourced by his father from that land, "Bloodline" expands and deepens the idea of "terroir" in perfume making. It was re-released in July of 2020 and will be again this summer.

In February of 2020 we released our 4th Limited Edition, "Madame Chouteau" from Shawn Maher of Maher Olfactive and Chatillon Lux. A tribute to the “Mother of St. Louis,” “Madame Chouteau” is a rich parfum full of character and complexity. Ripe stone-fruit, jasmine and honeyed tobacco on a beautiful base of leathered moss and buttery, musky Mysore sandalwood. Powerful and poised like Madame Chouteau. A second edition of 50 will be released on March 27th.

In December, Maria McElroy revisited the desert with the release of "Desert Rouge." This time looking inward, "Desert Rouge" offers the wearer a deep retreat into Maria's scent memory of flowers and food, and the familial. A personal perfume that speaks universally of comfort and warmth, we look forward to her next desert memory.

For our first release of 2021, we had the pleasure of working with the great Shelley Waddington on "Pythia," a stunning design inspired by the smoke and skin of the Oracle of Delphi's inner chamber. Complex and rewarding, Pythia unfurls like something from another time. An edition of 25, look for it again in the winter of 2022.