From time to time, AMERICAN PERFUMER® will work with our Perfumers to bring you Limited Editions conceptual, of place, or built around particular materials.

"Colorado," created by American perfume pioneer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes in a signed and numbered Edition of 50, was our first. Vividly of place, and like nothing you've ever smelled, Dawn somehow captured the forest edge at high altitude. "Colorado" won the 2019 Art and Olfaction Award in the Independent category. A 2nd edition of 50 will be available for purchase on Saturday, December 28th at 3:00 p.m. EST.

"Desert Flower," created by our good friend Maria McElroy of aroma M & House of Cherry Bomb is our second. At parfum strength in an edition of 25, "Desert Flower" is not only as vast and soaring as the landscape it evokes, but also intimately complex and deeply satisfying. A perfume lovers perfume, "Desert Flower" is a value statement for the contemporary chypre.

Our third release, from the talented Hans Hendley of Hendley Perfumes, is "Bloodline." An edition of 15, this parfum is a beautiful ode to the land of Hans' childhood. With perfume material sourced by his father from that land, "Bloodline" expands and deepens the idea of "terroir" in perfume making.