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Brise d'Oud

Eau de Parfum
Oswald Paré - Motif Olfactif

Oswald: When I set out to create Brise D'Oud I wanted to share that there is more than just barnyard/dirty Ouds. Oud is a fascinating ingredient that varies based on species, region, distillation process, how long the wood is fermented, the type of apparatus used (copper or steel for example), and all of that plays into the end result. Most people I know in the fragrance community associate Oud with something aggressive, anamalic, and woody. The Hainan Oud in Brise D'Oud is the opposite of the common Oud description. It has floral and fruity aspects with slightly green nuances. I chose to compliment the Hainan Oud with florals and aromatic tones (honeysuckle, jasmine, lotus) and enhanced the green facets with the accor of green tea. The goal of the fragrances was to create a soft, soothing, aromatic voyage. It is my hope that those who normally shy away from Oud, due to the common perception of how Ouds smell (overly dirty), can gain a new perspective of what is out there and want to explore more.

Dave: During a conversation between Oswald and I about the misconception of oud in the marketplace we decided to build a perfume around the nuances of the citric, fruity-floral and green Hainan Oud. Opening with a flash of zesty bergamot and fresh petitgrain the core material emerges flanked by nectarous honeysuckle and a complex tea accord that draws out the the green and earthy aspects of the oud while simultaneously providing a wood bridge to the Hainan's final pairing with warm Indian sandalwood and spiced cedar.

A sample of Hainan oud was included with every bottle so the customer could smell and experience the unique complexities of the material on its own, and then consider it alongside, and within, the final formula.

Brise d’Oud Notes: Bergamot, petitgrain, honeysuckle, jasmine, Keemun tea, green tea, honeybush CO2, Hainan oud, Indian sandalwood, cedar, light spices.

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