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En Voyage Perfumes - Shelley Waddington

Shelley Waddington, founder of EnVoyage Perfumes and recipient of multiple international awards, and author of "Perfuming with Natural Isolates," is a true underground force in fine fragrance and a force majeur in the rising American West Coast school of perfumery.

Ms. Waddington’s Award-Winning Collections are created in her studio and have been lauded globally by her peers, the fragrance industry, and consumers for their innovation and beauty. Shelley applies a deep knowledge of perfume chemistry and composition and continually challenges herself by designing perfumed stories inspired by art, artists, literature and the gorgeous world around her; Each is exquisitely crafted, using a very high percentage of pure extraits, natural materials, and proprietary blends.

Ms. Waddington is a native of Carmel, California and lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, photographer Richard Hall, and their family dog, Porter.