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The 7% Solution

Eau de Cologne
Shelley Waddington - En Voyage Perfumes

Shelley: Legal at the time, heroin and cocaine allowed Sherlock Holmes to relax and refuel. He alternated between morphine and cocaine, which he always took in a 7% solution. Transcendentally stimulating and clarifying to the mind, such drugs were regularly taken by aesthetes of the day, including the poet Coleridge and even Queen Victoria herself.

Dave: Stimulating, sweet citrus and plush osmanthus carry this happy concoction through herbal frangipani, bitter curacao and ripe summer florals - settling into creamy woods and warm musk. A dreamy, unique floral-gourmand. 

The 7% Solution Notes: Wild oranges, mandarin, green citron, osmanthus, curacao, tiare, frangipani, narcissus, summer blooming flowers, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, oak, white woods and musks.

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