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Amber Jobin - Aether Arts Perfume

Passionate about perfume? Looking for a perfume that’s not like all the others? I am too! When I couldn’t find what I was looking for I decided to make it—and in the process of doing so—a funny thing happened. All the creative avenues I had explored, the various scholarly paths, my interests past and present, all came together to support my passion for aroma art. Who knew that degrees in art, psychology, and costume design would work so well together in the service of perfume? Or that attending Burning Man would so inspire me as a perfumer? Or that a fabulous teacher in the form of Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH perfumes would present itself at just the right time? All my life experiences to date inform and inspire the perfumes I create.

I want to share my love of perfume with you via a communal olfactory journey that encompasses new ways to think about perfume: as a vehicle of personal growth and self-expression, as art that is created by an individual rather than by a committee, as something unique and hand-made that is not mass-produced or mass-marketed. To me you are not just another face in the crowd. You are a unique and beautiful individual. I want to connect with you and help you express your individuality through the beauty of perfume.