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Love for 3 Oranges

Perfume Oil
Amber Jobin - Aether Arts Perfume

Amber: Love for 3 Oranges: Flower, Fruit & Tree opens with a juicy orange accord created from multiple citrus notes, and then segues into the fresh, creamy scent of orange blossoms. Bright green notes and woody accords ground our orange tree, providing a solid branch to land on. It’s like sunshine in a bottle.

Dave: Eau de Cologne in style but at extrait/parfum strength, this is the fruit, bloom and branch of an orange tree bottled. Pure joy. Love for 3 Oranges was a finalist for the 2016 Art and Olfaction Award in the Artisan category. 

Love for 3 Oranges Notes: Juicy orange accord created from multiple citrus notes. Creamy orange blossom accord. Bright green notes, woody accord, and musk.

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