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Provision Scents - Sherri Sebastian

Sherri Sebastian has used fragrance to enhance her experiences and to connect with herself throughout her entire life. From the time she was a young girl she carefully chose her shampoo, deodorant, and perfume each day to suit her style and to create a desired mood. Her fascination and curiosity about how scent worksled to a career as a professional perfumer thats spanned over 24 years.

Sherris professional career began at a Brooklyn flavor house where she began her formal training in aromatic composition. When she received an opportunity to follow her true passion, perfumery, she accepted an apprenticeship with a master perfumer. Since then shes gone on to develop fragrances for many brands on the market today in the personal care, candle, natural, niche and fine fragrance sector.

In late 2016, Sherri launched her own fragrance and apothecary line, Provision - a collection of highly-crafted fragrant offerings designed to enhance ones mood, environment, body, and spirit. The line was inspired by her quest to find products that combined the highest level of luxury with natural, sustainable and innovative ingredients infused with thoughtful and precise scents. But it was a trip to Belize and a visit to a healer, who helped Sherris insomnia using an oil that promised vivid dreams, that provided Sherri with a new perspective and approach to beauty and self-care. 

It only takes a moment to enhance your mood and environment with scent. If my fragrances can help you harness the power in these moments my dreams will be realized.