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Nicole Miller - Blackbird

Nicole Marion Miller

DOB: December 7th, 1971

Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon

Currently Resides: Seattle, Washington

Sign: Sagittarius

Meyers Briggs: INTP

Eye Color: Hazel

Religious: Agnostic

Partner: Henry Aesoph

Children: 1

Mother: Suzanne Lee Dowling

Father: Ronald Leonard Miller

Siblings: Melea Periera, John Armon Miller (deceased), Danielle Hoagland, Heather Hoagland

Pets: 2

Education: None

Childhood Influences & Interests: Mountain man reenactment, clam digging, sheep farming, skateboarding, fort building, fire starting, fishing, hiking, camping, Victorian antiques, WWII history, arborist, DIY poster art, African trade beads, landscape architecture, Russian art, culture and history, Dungeons & Dragons, Antique teddy bears, no supervision, running away from home, breaking into buildings, rhinestone jewelry, pre-grunge grunge, Alaskan commercial fishing and radio, knot tieing, foraging, spinning (wool), financial accounting, Native American basket weaving, sailing, preserving food, gardening, dog training, butchering, retail management, guerrilla marketing

Musical Interests: Ambient Noise, Sludge Metal, New Wave, Classical, 1920s American

Art Movements of Interest: Absurdism, Dada, Abstract Expressionism, Brutalism, Garbage Art, Modernism, Japanoise, Futurism, Biomorphism

Businesses Owned: black market candy seller (1984), bead-maker (1988 - 1990), candle maker (1991 - 1998), Blackbird (2004 - present), Mon Oeil (2018 - present)

Significant Jobs: Nordstrom corporate employee lunchroom (1994 - 1996), Nordstrom children's shoe sales (1996 - 1997), (1998 - 1999), Expedia Fraud Operations & Technologies (2000 - 2005)

Perfumer Credentials: None