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Pipe Bomb Pink

Eau de Parfum
Nicole Miller - Blackbird

Nicole: Rosy cheeks, oxford cloth shirts, plastic baby dolls, pink crayons, sparkling rosé, polluted sunsets, and Japanese candy, Pipe Bomb Pink riffs off the original Pipe Bomb's magic ability to hide in the shadows and turn heads, this time with a colorful swipe of gentle pink to make us all blush.

Dave: Aldehydes and salty sweat bring sparkle and sensuality to cool metal and rubbery rose. Memories of playing on the cool floor of our unfinished basement on a hot summer day - plastic dolls and coloring books under the stairs, a bucket of dress-up clothes, paint cans stacked in the corner.

Pipe Bomb Pink Notes: Saltwater, sweat, metal, roses, pink crayons.

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