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Liz Zorn - Soivohle

Liz Zorn is a multi media artist who lives in Morrow, a small river valley town in Ohio just north of Cincinnati. She was born in south central Kentucky and moved to Indianapolis Indiana with her family in 1965 at the age of ten. She has lived in Ohio since her mid 20's.

Liz began taking painting classes with H. Willis in Indianapolis after winning a poster contest in the 4th grade. She continued those studies for four years. At age 15 she began a part time job at a local community newspaper that through her curiosity led to a brief apprenticeship as a composition artist, followed by several years working for various newspapers and printers as both composition and graphic artist. All the while she continued to paint, branching out into printmaking and photography.

After painting for twenty years with gallery representation and a full time career, Liz decided to explore her love of the Olfactory Arts and launched her own line of Artisan Perfumes that led to the Internationally known brand SOIVOHLE. With the success of Soivohle the painting was pushed to the back burner. The intention was never to stop painting but to do both.  Now Liz is dividing her time between Olfactory and Visual Arts.