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Honeysuckle Bird

Liz Zorn - Soivohle

Liz: Honeysuckle Bird was first created as a (summer wedding) bridal perfume. The original version was sweeter, very heavy on the vanilla. Over the years we have gone back and forth from the original to the Soivohle version with a more dominant mossy drydown and much less vanilla. 

The name is more a composite (artistic license) that includes several spring/summer florals wrapped in honeysuckle, amber, earthiness and a distinct feral musk note... a carnal interpretation.

Dave: Nectarous, honeyed florals and oakmoss underpinned by earthy amber and warm musk. Sweet summertime.

Honeysuckle Bird Notes: Pink grapefruit, linden blossom, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, fraise, jasmine absolute, ylang ylang, oakmoss absolute, oakmoss accord, soft woods, labdanum, benzoin, vanilla, musk.

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