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Green Oakmoss

Extrait de Parfum
Liz Zorn - Soivohle

From Liz: Green Oakmoss, A deep full bodied green with a touch of tuberose and carnation soft spices, animalic undertones. The green mossy note is present throughout the evolution of this parfum.

From AP: Rich oakmoss and fleshy tuberose. Gently-animalic, spicy and green. 

Green Oakmoss Notes:  Bergamot, cut grass accord, mint, green oakmoss accord, cloves, seaweed absolute, rose geranium, tuberose accord, carnation accord, pine needle, civet (cruelty free), castoreum (cruelty free), hedione, aged patchouli, labdanum absolute, Haitian vetiver.

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