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Rivertown Road

Eau de Parfum
Liz Zorn - Soivohle

Liz: A bridge between two worlds. Rivertown Road is a cross between a classic fougere and a bay rum cologne. Just earthy enough to please the purist and bright enough for those who like a lighter application. "I live in a small river town, and can be at the river in less than five minutes. I was inspired to create a scent that captures this essence as well as the larger Ohio river just a few miles away."

Dave: A tonic from memory. Bay rum, frankincense, lavender and ambergris. Familiar and comforting.

Rivertown Road Notes:  French lavender, bergamot, bay rum, rose, spice accord, Omani frankincense, cedar, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, iris, tonka bean, beach harvested ambergris.

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