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Mt. Adams

Eau de Parfum
Liz Zorn - Soivohle

Liz: Mt. Adams is one of the jewels in Cincinnati’s crown. Situated high above the Ohio river and downtown Cincinnati, Mt. Adams is known for the arts, unique entertainment venues and homes overlooking the river and cityscape. It is the home of the Cincinnati Art Museum and Krohn Conservatory - the latter known for their amazing floral displays, orchid collection and annual butterfly show.

I love green perfumes, that’s why I create so many of them. Pushing a green concept to its often quirky edge is both a pleasure and a challenge. Mt Adams is no different. It lives in its own world.

Dave: A unique bright green floral on a base of sheer amber and soft woods, Mt. Adams is a vivid tribute to a neighborhood that has long offered Cincinnatians a peaceful break from the city below. Set like a mountain village with its dramatic views of the downtown skyline, the Ohio River and Northern Kentucky, there isn’t a more beautiful vista in the region.

Mt. Adams Notes: Top: kaffir lime leaf, star anise, paradisamide, plum
Heart: kewra, mimosa, orange blossom, muguet
Base: white amber, bois des landis, black spruce, musk

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