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Incense Indica

Perfume Oil
Amber Jobin - Aether Arts Perfume

Amber: Cannabis, opoponax and choya loban open the scent with a fantastic resin and smoke top note accord. Next a gourmand honey note suggesting the hashish-laced, Middle Eastern, dessert majoun weaves its magic with Moroccan myrrh and a hint of creamy, indolic, sambac jasmine. I love the way sambac jasmine hooks into the cannabis both enhancing and rounding it out—the indolic notes of the jasmine love the skunky, funky facets of the cannabis. Your magic carpet ride ends on a cushion of fossilized amber, atlas cedar, more choya loban and exotic woods. An odalisque in a Pasha’s tent.

Dave: Resinous smoke, creamy honey, indolic jasmine and myrrh. Beautifully imaginative.

Incense Indica Notes: Cannabis, opoponax, sambac jasmine, Moroccan myrrh, fossilized amber, choya loban, atlas cedar.

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