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Eau de Parfum
Shelley Waddington - En Voyage Perfumes

Shelley: Inspired by the forested terroir and Bohemian lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest, perfumer Shelley Waddington wanted to “interpret and decode the distinctive elements of this region, and to distill them into a fragrance that celebrates their story”. The Pacific Northwest, a place of Native American origins, is also famed for its edgy, unconventional artistic and urban culture. Rainmaking originally referred to a cultural ritual that induced rainfall. In popular culture, a rainmaker refers to a creator of something valued. “In expanding my creative work, I wanted to provide a mist of beauty and attraction that would become a ‘Rainmaker’ for the wearer,” continues Waddington, “Plus I like the quirky reference to the clouds above Portland, some of the best rainmakers in the world.” Rainmaker has a contemporary signature that exalts and infuses the native mossy forest, rainy weather and fragrant earth with modern perspectives and light.  

Dave: Cascadian woods, patchouli, wet-earth, warm ambered moss. Shelley's tribute to her adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Rainmaker Notes: Rose leaf, silver pine tips, wild citrus, incense, patchouli, iris, rhododendron, mossy rain forest notes of cedar, fir, redwood needles, petrichor, oakmoss and amber.

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