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Madame Chouteau

Shawn Maher - Maher Olfactive & Chatillon Lux

Shawn: The Mother of Saint Louis, Marie-Thérèse Bourgeois Chouteau overcame monumental adversity to become the co-founder of the Gateway to the West in tandem with her partner, Pierre Laclède Liguest. She left behind both a self-made fortune and a legacy of rising above the seemingly insurmountable barriers to find success. Her namesake fragrance is as meticulously composed as one would expect from a tribute to the most inspirational figure in the history of a city that is rich with them.

It is a shimmering, rich fragrance with unforgettable beauty, and as it evolves a strong, velvety backbone emerges. This is a perfume worthy of the indefatigable legacy of Madame Chouteau.

Dave: It's our pleasure to offer the 2021 edition of "Madame Chouteau" by Shawn Maher. A signed and numbered edition of 50 one-ounce bottles, Shawn's tribute to the “Mother of St. Louis,” “Madame Chouteau” is a rich parfum full of character and complexity. Ripe stone-fruit, jonquil and honeyed tobacco on a beautiful base of leathered moss and silky Mysore sandalwood.

Madame Chouteau Notes - Shawn: The notes include apricot, elemi, jasmine absolute, jonquil absolute, red champaca absolute, davana, mousse de St. Louis (my version of Mousse de Saxe), yerba mate absolute, sandalwood and Thai oud. This year we have a new jonquil absolute (it’s a stunner), a more tenacious natural sandalwood and the addition of natural vanilla to the Mousse de Saint Louis accord.


“Although Madame Chouteau came to dominate St. Louis so strongly that in her lifetime she was called “The Queen,” she lived a pious, genteel, respectable life and avoided public attention. At the same time, she was also astute, decisive, and sometimes stubborn. Head of an ever-widening family circle, she had the keen sense to use well the domestic and administrative power that she possessed.”

- St. Louis historian Charles Van Ravensway


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