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Eau de Parfum

Sarah Horowitz-Thran - Sarah Horowitz Parfums

Sarah: "The inspiration for the fragrance came from the idea of creating a deeply personal scent to capture the feeling of home at this time of year. The idea of weaving the past with the present, and how truly all time is one time, and the past never really leaves you. What brings us home? It’s not a place – I learned that when my parents sold my childhood home, it is more – it is the weaving together of people, traditions, the memories – those past, and those in the making.

What are the smells of home? For us – for my husband and I, blending our different traditions, it is of course about food. About baking, about frying latkes and homemade apple sauce and pies, it’s Christmas trees and fireplaces and lots and lots of baking.

And it is about memories. My father smoking his pipe, while we sat with him, while my mother, anointed with Shalimar, hid the presents for our scavenger hunt to find our Hanukkah presents, leaving one clue at a time. Of my grandmother, making chicken soup and cucumber salad with loads of dill and bathed in Youth Dew. Of Greg’s glamourous mothers, making her famous cookie bars and looking like a supermodel, making it all look easy.

Of all the smells – the cinnamon and clove, the pine and the apples, the smokey fire crackling and the tree in the corner and the flames of the menorah. Of the vanilla tobacco smoke of a pipe swirling through the air, like a ghost. Of deep amber and woods, of glamour and the kitchen all tied up in a little girl’s memory. Of the feeling of warmth, of safety, of the true unconditional love that only the innocence of youth and the joy of your mothers cooking can bring.

This scent is an homage to all those past and present that have laid the path for us. It is for the glamour of our mothers and grandmothers, it is for the rock our fathers – mine, who passed last year but who is forever with me, smoking his pipe (although he did away with it many decades ago now); it is for the traditions we carry on and pass to our children. It is the past woven into the future in a tapestry of deep shades of amber and green."

- Sarah Horowitz-Thran

Dave:  For our final release of 2022, American Perfumer is proud to present "Tapestry" by Sarah Horowitz Thran. This intimate fragrance is a window on Sarah's scent memory - her memories of food and family - how the smells of those shared moments can conjure the love of grandparents, and mothers and fathers. Complex and deeply comforting, "Tapestry" reinforces the notion that what is most personal is most universal.

Tapestry notes: Cinnamon, green apple, jasmine, balsam fir needle, tobacco, amber, cade, vanilla.

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