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Garden of the Heart of Heaven

Neil Morris - Neil Morris Fragrances

Neil: "I was honored to have been asked by Takashimaya New York to create a fragrance for them. I wanted to create a scent that would encompass the beauty and serenity of Japanese culture and also incorporate the stylish sophistication of Fifth Avenue. When I originally composed it, I found inspiration at the Japanese garden at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Dave knew this and arranged for us to meet there to discuss it joining his edition program. The name of the garden is "Tenshin-en," which means "Garden of the Heart of Heaven." It's a design that I'm very proud of so I'm thrilled to have it find a new home at American Perfumer after all these years."

Dave: Originally composed in 2008 for the Manhattan branch of luxury Japanese retailer Takishimaya, the design was set aside when the store closed in 2010. With its array of classic Japanese notes filtered through a pre-war French lens, this design has long been a favorite of mine, and it's my great pleasure to now present it as part of our edition program.

Garden of the Heart of Heaven Notes: Aldehydes, Mandarin orange, bergamot, black currant, bamboo, orchid, narcissus, cherry blossom, Japanese green tea, plum blossom, oak, tonka bean, orris root, agarwood (oud) and cedar.

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