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Tobacco Cognac

Eau de Parfum
Alexis Karl & Maria McElroy - House of Cherry Bomb

Alexis & Maria: Tobacco Cognac is a deep scent composed of 35 million year old fossilized amber, rare vintage musks and precious ouds that have rested in shelves for fifty years, deepening over time. This scent is one sipping cognac by the fire and decadent nights filled with mystery. It leaves a sweet smoky trace on the skin.

Dave: Honeyed tobacco and musk, amber, sweet and salty ambergris. Warm and lived-in. Tobacco Cognac was a finalist for the 2015 Art and Olfaction Award in the Artisan category.

Tobacco Cognac Notes: 35 million year old fossilized amber, ambergris, tobacco, cognac, honey, musk

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