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Apple Iris Root

Perfume Oil
Irina Adam - Phoenix Botanicals

Irina: Apple blossoms whisper hints of the crisp fruit, bitter seeds, the boozy cider to come. Watery Iris blooms dark and cool, muddy roots holding the wildness of rivers, glistening with Frankincense, flowing to oceanic Ambergris. This perfume began with a tiny, festively blooming apple tree, and many flower tincturing experiments over the spring. I wished to capture the striking contrast between the flush rosy bloom, and dark bitter chill of the spring that haunts thru the seasons. An untamed floral with a classic touch ~ a second skin of wind blown flowers.

Dave: Earthy fruits and flowers with a cooling, salty breeze.

Apple Iris Root Notes: Galbanum, petitgrain, apple blossoms, cherry, hawthorne, lilac, iris and orange blossoms, fruit, wild rose, davana, angelica, orris root, frankincense, ambergris.

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