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Call Me

Diane St. Clair - St. Clair Scents

Diane:  "I consider musk perfumes to be some of the most challenging to smell and to create. Musk ingredients are included in most perfume creations to add fixation, longevity and smoothness to a blend. Despite this, many people are anosmic to some musks, though they can often perceive the effect of it in a perfume. Unlike the day when natural musks were used in perfumery (in the form of glandular secretions from various animals such as deer, civet and beavers), synthetic musks are used now for ethical, economic and safety reasons. These musks can vary in odor from fruity and floral to dirty and animalic. Some smell like clean laundry, hot metal or powder.

In talking to Dave about creating this limited edition fragrance for American Perfumer, I wanted to create a voluptuous musk for chilly autumn and winter days, with contrasting elements of floralcy, citrus and light sweetness. I wanted to blend animalic synthetic musks with natural materials that can bring a musky sensation to fragrance, such as labdanum, patchouli, beeswax, vetiver and cassie absolute.

This fragrance’s name, “Call Me”, harkens to Blondie’s 1980 hit song. I hope that wearing “Call Me” makes you feel beautiful, passionate and alive."

Dave: From the sparkling citrus opening, to the bouquet of jasmine, orris and cassie that makes up its heart, to the warm base of resinous labdanum and benzoin-powdered sandalwood - every note in this complex design was chosen to complement the fleshy, voluptuous musk accord that hums just beneath everything. Simultaneously sexy and subtle, "Call Me" is a new classic in the musk category.

“Call Me” notes: Labdanum, castoreum (synthetic), sandalwood, lavender, orris, jasmine, cassie, beeswax, patchouli, vetiver, petitgrain, red mandarin, bergamot, benzoin, musks.

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