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AMERICAN PERFUMER® Editions and Exclusives

From time to time, American Perfumer will work with our Perfumers to bring you limited Editions. Conceptual, of place, or built around particular materials, "Colorado" by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, in a signed and numbered Edition of 50, is our first. It's everything we hoped for and like nothing you've ever smelled. Dawn can do anything and "Colorado" is further evidence of her brilliance.

Our first exclusive is a partnership that we're very proud of. Industry veteran Kevin Verspoor has agreed to launch his first artisan perfume, "Step By Step," with American Perfumer. After being the man behind the curtain for clients big and small over the past 20 years, this is Kevin unchained. "Step By Step" is a staggering beauty, made with the finest materials at full extrait/parfum strength. We don't have the discipline for signature scents, but, if forced to pick one, "Step By Step" is at the top of the shortlist.