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Vanilla & The Sea

Perfume Oil
Irina Adam - Phoenix Botanicals

Irina: A blooming oceanic amber inspired by wintry seaside walks, atmospherically shifting between wilderness and comfort. Cool mandarin breezes dance away over radiant, hypnotic tuberose, and ensconcing wools of rich vanilla. Lavender absolute is the salty sea spray on a silky base of seaweed, driftwood, and deep ocean ambergris.

Dave: Cold coastal wind, salty and musky ambergris, warm vanilla. Haunting. Vanilla & The Sea ​was a finalist for the 2017 Art and Olfaction Award in the Artisan category.

Vanilla & The Sea Notes: Mandarin, neroli, tuberose, white rose, vanilla, amber, lavender, seaweed, ambergris, sandalwood.

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