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Saffron Veil

Perfume Oil
Irina Adam - Phoenix Botanicals

Irina: Gently cooling herbs and spices blow on the ocean breeze. Just beyond them, a surprising flower blooms wide open, broadcasting sumptuous warmth. The spellbinding scents are carried along on a saffron veil that wraps around you lovingly, offering both protection and renewal. Inspired by sunshine after the storm, renewal after heartbreak, and the Pacific seashore. When creating this perfume, I reached for the essences that felt like true balms for the heart. At center is a gorgeous floral accord recalling Magnolia blossoms: dreamy sweetness, striking tart, creamy softness. Saffron weaves throughout; its aromatherapy benefits have been cherished since ancient times: heart opening, uplifting, meditative, and aphrodisiac - including famously, at Cleopatra's court.

Dave: Dry, spicy saffron and warm, buttery florals. Sultry soft suede and smoke. 

Saffron Veil Notes: Violet, saffron, herbs, tuberose, boronia, sustainable sandalwood, soft resins and smoke. Made with infused Hawaiian tuberose blossoms.

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