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Moving On

Diane St. Clair - St. Clair Scents

Diane: Moving On, the perfume, reflects on the many emotions that people have experienced as they have emerged from the COVID 19 pandemic. Changing careers, retiring, relocating, and reevaluating relationships, are all actions that many have taken post Covid. Others have experienced a sense of anxiety and feelings of being stuck, with no clear path on how to proceed, though many of us feel the need to move on.

How do we capture these feelings in our perfume?

The feeling of being unable to move is reflected in the perfume’s dark base of sticky, resinous materials. Animalic aromas encircle this base. A comforting accord of woods provides a sense of stability as we gather the strength to look forward. A rich middle layer of flowers sets us on a path to emerge out of the darkness and into a place that is sweet and brimming with possibility. A top that is transparent and bright, swirling with green and herbaceous notes, shines a path ahead, which, though bittersweet with past memories, is filled with light and a sense of hope.

Dave: Sparkling citrus and herbaceous galbanum opens into a rich floral bouquet of rose, jasmine and mimosa before settling into a softly animalic, grounding base of balsamic, resinous woods. A personal design of subtle complexity.

Moving On Notes: Citrus, galbanum CO2, aldehydes, grapefruit, armoise, lavender absolute, black currant bud absolute, rose absolute (Turkey), jasmine absolute (India and Egypt), mimosa absolute, patchouli, sandalwood, myrrh/frankincense co-distillation, Peru balsam, vetiver, styrax, animalics (synthetic), vanilla, musks.

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