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No. 32 Blue Oud

Eau de Parfum
Dannielle Sergent - Cognoscenti

Dannielle: Blue Oud is an exploration of two trees - fresh blue cypress paired with the sultry decay of black agarwood. A natural cypress and synthetic agarwood frame the muted floral and fern heart, encouraging both notes to assert their influence upon each other. This perfumed chiaroscuro highlights each note’s unique edges and curves. Wisps of tobacco guide the journey through the dance of light and dark, combining to form a crisp yet sultry fragrance. Made for men and women who appreciate the shadows and the special light that defines them.

Dave: Skillful cool/warm pairing of airy cypress and dry agarwood highlighted by fresh-cut curing tobacco, and herbaceous, green vetiver.

No. 32 Blue Oud Notes: Blue cypress, black agarwood, tobacco, vetiver, ferns and flowers.

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