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No. 44 Fire and Rain

Eau de Parfum
Dannielle Sergent - Cognoscenti

Dannielle: No.44 FIRE AND RAIN is a study in contrasts. Both are revered and feared. They are destructive and cause upheaval; yet they also stimulate change and renewal. This fragrance looks at both sides of each element through the filter of the California landscape. Memories of smoke-filled skies and mud slides at fire scarred hillsides are tempered by sunny skies, soft breezes filled with flowers and warm woods, and a proximity to a salty coast.

Dave: Plumes of smoke extinguished by fresh rain transition from the damp earth into the full sunshine scent of a restored landscape, with bright citrus and fresh flowers mingling with a salty sea breeze. Dannielle’s “love letter to California” is complex and compelling.

No. 44 Fire and Rain Notes: Smoke (cypriol, hydro carbo resin, vetiver), rain (geosmin) California coast (salt, grisalva), sunshine (pink grapefruit, blood orange and saffron), florals (neroli, gardenia, hedione, geraniol) and warm breezes (light woods, musks, resins).

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