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Vêtu De Vert

Oswald Paré - Motif Olfactif

Oswald: Greenery jumps off the skin as it carries a new zest for life, a feeling similar to the return of spring. The smooth woods and earthy tones settle in while subtle florals bloom, announcing the arrival of spring.

Dave: Sparkling bergamot and tart yuzu introduce a complex vetiver at turns green-grassy, earthy and smoky - supported by oakmoss, lemon-fresh florals and smooth woods. A fresh, versatile fragrance perfect for right now.

Vêtu de Vert Notes: Vetiver, yuzu, bergamot, cypress, oakmoss, frankincense, cedarwood, Indian Sandalwood, myrrh, patchouli, clean wet soil, hinoki wood, ylang, jasmine, neroli.

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