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Eau de Parfum
Edition of 50

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - DSH Perfumes

"Colorado" won the 2019 Art and Olfaction Award in the Independent Category. This is the 4th release of 50 signed and numbered bottles.

Dawn: The scent of Colorado rocky mountain air is unmistakable; especially in the open spaces around Boulder. For far too long I have wanted to bottle the enchanting fragrance of sunshine through the trees and fresh conifer needles warmed by the sun mixed with the sugary, maple-d amber of the Ponderosa pines. Can't you just imagine it?   

"Colorado" opens with a fresh, sweet citrus and Colorado blue spruce note that immediately gives the feel of being out on the trail, hiking through the foothills on a sunny morning. There are vivid wildflowers giving only the slightest nectar-like note as you move further into the woods and deeper into the pine and oak forests. Once you're in, you catch that magical scent: the sweet bark and amber of the Ponderosa pine that's like dark maple syrup on your camping pancakes (only better). I created Colorado using a super high dose of natural materials, which adds to the quality and realness of the perfume. The raw beauty and pure pleasure of the Colorado rockies is now yours to savor. Enjoy!

Dave: Vividly of place, "Colorado" is like nothing you've ever smelled, somehow capturing the forest edge at high altitude. Transportive and reverie inducing, "Colorado" is further evidence of Dawn's brilliance and range as a perfumer in her prime.

Colorado Notes: Top - bergamot, lemon essence (distilled juice!), leafy green accord, Colorado blue spruce, and Tunisian neroli.
Mid - Egyptian jasmine absolute, immortelle absolute, oak co2, black spruce, Australian sandalwood and Texas cedar.
Base - Ponderosa pine bark, Ponderosa pine amber accord, pinemoss absolute, fir Balsam, tolu Balsam, fossil amber, and cade.


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