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Eau de Parfum
Kyle Mott-Kannenberg

Kyle: Foreverness.

The good omen of an early rain came and quenched the desert city grass on which we’d say our vows by the time the sun set. That salty morning mist dared to linger in the air, but couldn’t long survive the burning in us, nor the radiance of hearts surrounding and uplifting us that day and endless night. The music, the dance, on that rose-petalled ground, inside us this moment, and on and forever on.

Dave: A wet garden path edged by lush, climbing greens, a rose bush and musky, moss-covered wood - all of this with a touch of salt in the air. A unique aquatic rose that nails the idea of memory rather than depiction.

15 Notes: Green leaves, rose de mai, sea salt air, amyris, sandalwood, patchouli, wet soil, moss and a faintly spicy, woody musk.

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