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Club Design

Eau de Parfum
Christophe Laudamiel - The Zoo


Dream “You are not in a club any longer, but still imbued by its emotions. Keep on carrying the feeling of being on a mission”

Scent Soft leather and sexy musks join forces to recreate the special atmosphere of a sexy lounge. Atlas cedar increases mystery, molecular sandalwood and the smokiness from lilies and styrax accentuate sensuality. The leather note comes from a headspace analysis of new Spanish leather combined with the natural leathery smell of mimosa extracts. A sliver of bright notes found in blackcurrant and grapefruit lights up the top of the fragrance.

Twist 1 This is the exact same fragrance as SCENT TATTOO 692, just presented under different concept and label. You will feel they are different and will prefer one!

Twist 2 Sold as a clothing spray as opposed to a skin fragrance, because it exceeds somewhat the upper recommended limit for skin use for safranal and coumarin.”
{ Garment Fragrance }  

Dave: Polished black boots, new tires - dark berries and musk, spiced blond woods - powdered and sueded and sweet. A little bit biker-jacket and a little bit clean bondage, "Club Design" maintains a unique balance between the animalic and the prophylactic. Dead sexy.

Club Design Notes: Blackcurrant, grapefruit, lilies, styrax, leather note, mimosa, leather, musks, Atlas cedarwood, sandalwood.

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