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Whispered Myths

Eau de Parfum
Josh Meyer - Imaginary Authors

Josh: When the long hours Azzam Issa pulls at his family’s bakery begin to interfere with his day-job as a security guard at The Louvre, things turn bizarre. Angelic creatures move from one painting to the next and statues speak to him in cryptic whispers. The delusions are a nuisance and the few hours of sleep he is afforded between jobs are no better; dominated by visits from ancient mariners and supernatural figures from worlds past. It isn’t until he begins to listen to these apparitions that he becomes truly unhinged. In the frantic search for the true identities of these lost souls, Azzam discovers something far more remarkable, his own.

Dave: Smooth cedar and musky, honeyed oud - dry and softly medicinal. Warm and potent.

Whispered Myths Notes: Natural Cambodian oud, cantaloupe, cedarwood, muskdana, honey, salvaged shipwreck.

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